2020 Balmy nights red

2020 Balmy nights red

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In the wake of a recent summer holiday, the desire to have something of my own, a creative outlet if you will, began to burn inside of me.
I love what I do, I love even more so sharing what I do with others - and Balmy Nights is exactly that. An opportunity to keep learning & evolving, to share those experiences with anyone daring to spare their time (trade, friends & family) away from the normality of life, to get out of the big smoke & as far away from our comfort zones as possible.
The wines are sourced from sustainable vineyards throughout New South Wales with a guest appearance from the Adelaide Hills in 2018. All fruit is handpicked and wild fermented without additions besides small doses of SO2 at closure. Bottles by hand with the help of friends.

- Grafted Wines

Where: McLaren Vale, SA

When: 2020

What: Sangiovese 

How: Made in the light crisp style, pour it into plastic cups/mugs/your hands it really doesn’t matter just enjoy it with friends