2017 Éric Texier “Brézème” Syrah

2017 Éric Texier “Brézème” Syrah

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Wine making wasn’t Éric Texier’s first profession, he was in fact a nuclear engineer. And had something to do with the creation of carbon fibre arrows... so it is of no surprise that his work and research in reviving some of the nearly forgotten wine regions of France is incredibly meticulous and well researched. Choosing to work using biodynamic principles in the vines and only adding sulphur at bottling he has produced some incredible, terroir driven wines.

The Brézème is a berry blast when opened, it’s peppery, the palate is fresh and alive with intense fruits.

Where: Rhone Valley, FR

When: 2017

What: Syrah

How: Fresh and alive, you could chill this down only ever so slightly and take it to your annoying french friends house to impress them.