2018 Claus Preisinger Ancestral St. Laurent

2018 Claus Preisinger Ancestral St. Laurent

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Claus started his 22ha farm in 2000 and has applied biodynamic principles since the beginning. In 2004 he was one of the founding members of the Pannobile group of wine makers. His vineyard
work is meticulous and he is deeply in touch with his land. He uses
a mixture of techniques including homeopathic tea’s, humus from compost of cattle and horses strictly from Steiner philosophies.

This Pet Nat is made from 100% St. Laurent, a red grape variety grown on the gravelly soils of the Goldberg vineyard. The grapes were directly pressed and started the fermentation process in 500 litre barrels.

No added sulphur.

- Lofi Wines

Where: Burgenland, Austria

When: 2018

What:  St. Laurent

How: This wine is sexy, refined and also a bit of fun. Usually we’d suggest to have a pet nat in some form of plastic container with friends but this one deserves some hard cheese