2019 La Violetta Das Sakrileg Riesling

2019 La Violetta Das Sakrileg Riesling

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Not for the Riesling purists or the feint hearted. An oxidative, skinsy Riesling that hangs on to your tongue!
Partly inspired by winemakers of the Mosxl Valley and Alsxce, but mostly just to provoke, Das Sakrileg Riesling is produced in small volumes for those with inquisitive palates and a healthy appreciation of diversity. In contrast to the classic, purist Australian Riesling style, juice is oxidatively handled, fermented wild in barrel, matured on unsulphured lees and may undergo partial malolactic fermentation.
- La Violetta 

 Where: Great Southern, WA

When: 2019

What: Riesling 

How: For the real “natural” nerds out there and the cool kids, this ones for you. Skinsy, waxy and lemony, it’s a real mouthful.