Have a function space? A party? A wedding? 
Whatever it is, we can provide you a selection of great wines that will suit any occasion. Get in contact with us at with a bit of info about your event and we can tailor a package to you.
Miriam - owner and director of Ok. Wines has spent well over a decade working in hospitality and the wine industry both here in Australia and in London. She has imported, exported, run events, tastings, and is also a sommelier so rest assured anything you throw at her - she probably has just the wines in mind.
A woman with brown curly hair cream top and green trousers sits on a burnt orange couch, blurred in the background. In the foreground is a bottle of orange wine and a wine glass with orange wine in it, on a light coloured table. The wine bottle has a picture of a cheeky pup on it. 
Please note: We do not trade in exposure. Anyone requesting free wine will receive a sassy response, or more likely none at all, depending on how we're feeling that day.