Stirrings of Spring.

Stirrings of Spring

Three wines are currently making their way to the savvy people who have signed up to our subscription service.This month we have featured wines from two producers, Jo Perry and Francesco Cirelli. 
These two producers we think make for a brilliant and maybe sentimental first case. Jo Perry not only makes Yokel- but is also the owner and winemaker of Dormilona. For those of you signed up - the Dormilona wines were Keegan and Steave's last subscription pack and now here, I introduce to you all perhaps a new producer- Francesco Cirelli for whom I have quite the soft spot for. 
Here we have some Chenin Blanc and Grenache Rosé organically grown from the Swan Valley in WA, less than a 30 min drive from Perth. A couple of wines to celebrate those sunnier days bearing beacons of spring. Both of these wines have some kind of time in amphorae (clay vessels). I really like amphorae as it lets a tiny bit of oxygen in to the wine - like oak does, but doesn't impart any flavour. You get the best of both worlds. You'll notice a very sweet looking tortoise on the label - it's a Western Swamp Tortoise which is the most critically endangered reptile in Australia. Jo donates some portion of the proceeds of every bottle sold to help the conservation work for this cute fella! 
Then we have a juicy red for those chillier evenings from Francesco Cirelli. He works organically, and has a great sense of connection to the land and vineyards he stewards. In his own words wine is ‘an antidote to misery, a balm for healing old wounds, a drink that makes us forgive but not forget. An existential declaration, a message of unconditional love.’ 
These wines are a lovely nod to the past and present. And keep an eye out for more great things to come!  

Yokel Chenin Blanc

White wine stands upright, it's reflection shows against a limestone rock next to it

Hand-harvested Chenin Blanc from the Pinelli Vineyard in the Swan Valley was very gently whole-bunch pressed off to a combination of large-format oak, amphorae and tanks. 
Chenin Blanc is a seriously amazing grape. Hailing originally from Loire Valley in France, it's reknown for notes of stone and orchard fruits and buckets of acid. This wine has undergone malo which softens the acid, like blurred edges of an old picture. Sepia toned. 
Where: Swan Valley, WA
When: 2022
How: In this weather- we're thinking a roast chook, cripy-edged potatoes and a leafy green salad with chives. Oui. 

Yokel Grenache Rosé


Yokel Grenache Rose sits upright, a cute western swap tortoise cartoon adorns the label. The reflection of the rose shows against a limestone rock beside it.
This rosé is made from 100% Grenache, quickly pressed and off the skin just after one day.
People always think Rosé is only for scorching hot days. When I lived in London - my favourite thing to drink on Christmas Day was a cold (or room temp!) glass of pink wine. It's so food friendly, and a firm poultry pairing favourite. 
Where: Swan Valley, WA
When: 2022
How: Rosé with a bit of go. We're thinking a big bowl of Caesar salad scoffed on a sunny balcony.

Cirelli La Collina Montepulciano 

Cirelli La Collina Montepulciano sits upright, white label with black writing and a red spot in the right hand corner. It sits outside in a suburban setting, on green grass with a palm frond in the background.

This is accessible, affordable Italian red at it's finest. Put on the map by the likes of Valentini and Emidio Pepe, Montepulciano is a grape that reaches stratospheric collectability. This wine however- shouldn't be kept in a dusty cellar or the corner of a wine fridge waiting for the right time or company. With notes of black cherry, plum and spice it's still fresh and vibrant. As Francesco says 'an antidote to misery' this wine will put a smile on your dial. 
Where: Abruzzo, Italy
When: 2022
What: Montepulciano. Organic, minimal intervention.
How: : A chilly night with some pizza or spag bol and good company. 


Love, Miriam and the team at Ok. Wines.

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