Vinden Vino. Our 'Headcase' Selection.

Vino with Vinden

A tabby cat on a balcony sits next to Angus Vinden Headcase wine. Light streams through the bamboo barrier in bright strips. The bottle of wine features a portrait of Angus Vinden with a broad brimmed hat.
Angus Vinden is a second generation winemaker in the Hunter Valley, who not only makes exceptional wines, but is also a top notch person too. The Hunter Valley can be considered the land of Semillon and Cabernet but there is a spectacular diversity of varieties and styles grown there, and Angus Vinden is a figurehead of these new styles beginning to emerge. 
Here we have featured two of his Experimental series - the Fiano/Verdelho skin contact and Shiraz but also his more classic in style Vinden Verdelho. These wines are all farmed organically and made in a minimal intervention style. 
Vinden's Experimental wines you'll notice have his portrait on the front - each year he takes a photo after vintage so that after a number of years he can look back and not only see the evolution in the wines but also a record of his personal change.
You'll notice some slightly unusual white varietals, Fiano being an Italian hero - brings spice and texture to the wines where as Verdelho, I would definitely call an underdog. 
I love an underdog grape - something that's given been given generally a bad wrap (Sylvaner I have a big soft spot for), but when grown in the right conditions and made well - it's a hero origin story all over again. 
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Somerset Vineyard Verdelho

A bottle of Vinden Verdelho wine with the illustration of a vineyard sits in a suburban grassy backyard and blue sky, with a bottle of the Vinden experimental release blurred in the background to the right.

Verdelho but not as you know it - picked early to retain the natural acidity of this grape. A new approach to a variety that's been grown in the Hunter Valley since  the 1800's. Angus Vinden has brought this variety into the 21st century with minimal intervention wine making and organic farming. 
Notes of apple, grapefruit and pear with a touch of spice. This is definitely a wine that would be best enjoyed with food, it's complex nature would be a real joy to discuss over a long lunch, with a nice little pet-nat from us to start. 
Where: Hunter Valley, NSW
When: 2020
What: Verdelho
How: BIG flavours. Spicy food is a natural, but also something with pork sausages would be great with this high acid wine. 


Vinden Experimental release Headcase Fiano/Verdelho

A bottle of Vinden Fiano/Verdelho headcase, with the image of Angus Vinden with a broad brimmed hat sits in a sunny backyard, with green grass and a blue sky. A bottle of the Vinden Verdelho sits in the background.
This is a spectacular skinsy number from Angus Vinden. I met Angus sometime last year, and we had a very exciting conversation about the future of wine in Australia and sustainability. Angus is a really passionate individual that I'm excited to showcase in our August monthly subscription case. 
This mediterranean blend has notes of spiced pear, apricot, yellow apple with tropical notes of guava and pink grapefruit underpinned by a beeswax savouriness. There's a saline edge that makes us think of sitting in grassy dunes, the sea spray catching on our clothes whilst sipping on this tipple. 
Unfined, unfiltered, delicious.
Where: Hunter Valley, NSW
When: 2021
What: Fiano/ Verdelho 
How: If you're lacking dunes nearby, fish and chips and some kind of delicious salad would be cracking with this wine. 

Vinden 'Under the Pressure' Experimental Release Headcase Shiraz

A bottle of Vinden 'Under the pressure' Headcase experimental release shiraz sits in a sunny suburban backyard, on the grass with a blue sky in the background. In the background sits the Vinden Verdelho bottle.
A juicy, fresh Shiraz that is softly perfumed. There are notes of black plum, blackberry and spice, underpinned with an almost meaty savouriness. Hand picked with 10% whole bunch into open concrete fermenters. This is a wine that your dad will love and still make your sister who 'only drinks red' sing, all the while being a delicious drop for yourself. Pop it in the fridge for 30 mins on a hot day to make the acid pop a little more, making it a juicier drink. 
Where: Hunter Valley, NSW
When: 2021
What: Shiraz
How: Charred meats, veggies and flatbread with hummous, babaghanoush were spectacular with this - BBQ



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