The best value wines coming out of Barossa: Barossa Wine Cartel


Barossa Wine Cartel

Three wines are currently making their way to the savvy people who have signed up to our subscription service. This month we have featured wines by the Barossa Wine Cartel.
Josh and Ellen are both come from very experienced backgrounds, Josh is a second generation winemaker hailing from Whistler wines. After working fro a number of years at Henschke he gained a real passion for organic and biodynamic wines and after a few more years Barossa Wine Cartel was born.(I know right - Henschke is organic and biodynamic!) These are some of the most interesting, sustainable (and affordable!) wines coming out of the Barossa. We're so excited to be working with them.
We've chosen some really interesting wines for your subscription case this month, and perhaps a grape or two you've maybe not tried! These wines are all wild yeast, unfined, unfiltered, and full of energy. As the weather warms up, we think they're just the ticket.
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A bottle of Barossa Wine Cartel White 2023 sits on a sunny step, with a balcony and the blue sky in the background.

2023 White

This is a pretty and beguiling wine.
With a mix of parcels from all around Light Pass in Barossa - the Semillon is from 100 year old dry grown vines which is pretty spectacular. With notes of lemon curd, white peach, pear, fresh pinapple and a slightly fleshy palate this is a treat. Only 52 dozen were produced, and we've gotten our mitts on some!
Where: Barossa Valley, SA
What:  Savagnin, Semillon, Savignon Blanc and Pedro Ximénez
How: Poolside with some cold cut fruit. We're thinking of some watermelon and ripe pineapple.
A bottle of Barossa Wine Cartel Rose sits on a sunny step, with two of their other bottles blurred in the background above. The sun is shining and there is a blue sky.

2022 Rosé

'Smells like pomegranate, pink grapefruit, red apple and raspberries.
Tastes like watermelon and pink grapefruit, and has a nice creaminess at the finish thanks to the extended time on lees.'
- Josh and El Pfeiffer.
Certified organic and biodynamic, unfined, unfiltered.
Where: Barossa Valley, SA
What:  53% Mataro 47% Grenache
How: Breakfast radishes, unsalted butter and murray river salt (grey salt if you can get some). I ate a lot of this in the south of France. What a vibe. 
A bottle of Barossa Wine Cartel 2022 Mutant (which looks like ice tea!) sits on a sunny step, above and to the left are the other two bottles featured. A blue sky is also behind them.

2022 Mutant

Made from a field grown blend of Semillon and Red Semillon, this wine is a cracker. A true field blend that's been fermented on skins for 9 days. Only 905 bottles were made!
Smells like apricots, pears, peaches, preserved lemon and orange rind. A definite peach ice-tea vibe with savoury notes of coffee and dried herbs. Tastes like breakfast juice with alcohol in it! Fruit is certified organic and biodynamic.
Where: Barossa Valley, SA
When: 2022
What: Semillon, Red Semillon
How: At a table in the dappled shade with friends, pets wandering about and some grilled peaches and burrata. Maybe some prosciutto and melon too.

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