The Roussillon Great - Matassa

Tom Lubbe of Matassa

We've got some stunning new(ish) arrivals that we've just got to tell you about. Our allocation of Matassa has arrived and we're impossibly excited. 
Matassa I will always say - next to Lino Maga's Barbacarlo are the first ‘natural’ fine wines that honestly - changed my whole perspective on wine. I've never been more pleased that I now get to talk to you all about them. All of Matassa's wines are organic, biodynamic, unfiltered, unfined, no sulphur added and vegan friendly. 
I first came across Matassa in London whilst working for a restaurant famed for it's wine list and familial connections to a very well known Master of Wine, sometime in 2015. It was one of the first 'natural' producers I had ever tried, and it totally blew my mind. Then, to my delight, when I started working at St. JOHN restaurant in their wine department a few years later - I discovered that my boss tasted the very first vintage of Tom's. Since then they had always imported a small amount each year from him. The stories told are many, and not suitable for here - but Matassa has always had a big place in my heart for being my first proper minimal intervention wine.
These wines are electric, full of life and always have exceptional balance. Theres bright fruits and a juicy-ness but complexity to keep you delighted and beguiled. I can't stress enough the sheer delight I take in opening a bottle of Matassa. 
A bottle of 2022 Matassa Olla Blanc sits in the foreground on a dark mahogany dresser. Behind and above is four other wines of Matassa, with a mirror reflecting behind.

2022 Olla Blanc 

Olla Blanc is aromatic with delicate notes of white peach, yellow citrus and dried herbs (wild sage, oregano and thyme) with a mineral, stoney edge. Supple acid balances the aromatic nose. 
Where: Roussillon, France
When: 2022
What: 50% Muscat Petit Grain, 50% Macabeu
How: The aromatic style of this wine means it would work well with a thai salad, or -  we love aromatic whites with a pork chop. Red cabbage slaw on the side with some chilli would be a delight. 
To be honest though, this is also perfect to start a celebration - the wine before the food is served. 

2022 Brutal Orange 

'Brutal Orange' is a skin contact with notes of acacia flower, blood orange sherbet, with a lively yet silky palate and just the tiniest spritz of effervescence.
Where: Roussillon, France.
When: 2022
What: 70% Grenache Blanc and 30% Macabeu
How: Some beautiful piece of fish with an orange and fennel salad on the side. Or when there is not food abound, this gorgeous wine is a delight on its own.

 2022 El Carner

You might notice on the front of this wine that it says 'Vin de France Rouge' this, however - is a skin contact made from Grenache Gris and Macabeu - so it lies somewhere in between a skinsy white/light red/rose situation with its pinkish hue.
These vines vary between 80-100 years old, making for a complex, beguiling wine. A pure delight to behold. Miniscule quantities of this one. 
Where: Roussillon, France
When: 2022
What:  60% Grenache Gris 40% Macabeu
How: With friends, good music and maybe a little bit of charcuterie, olives and some cut fruit. 

2022 French Disko 

Disko! Disko Disko!
Single vineyard Cinsault- and we LOVE Cinsault. Blue fruit, perfumed and pretty - Cinsault is often ignored and rarely given the sole spotlight. Which is a grand shame really. This wine is just as happy alongside a charcoal BBQ feast as it is on it's own. This is fine boned, elegant example of just how special this variety is. To be adored. To be drunk now or kept a few more years - if you can manage it. 
Where: Roussillon, France
When: 2022
What:  Cinsault
How: Duck with dark berry sauce - or hoi sin would take our fancy. But honestly, this wine is sincerely gorgeous. On it's own - but something like this we would plan our meal around. 

2022 Olla Rouge 

Olla Rouge is a blend of red and white (and gris - which is a mix between red/white), and is a juicy little number. Chill this darling just a touch - this is a wine to drink on its own but would also be brilliant with...let's be honest, most food. The red/white/gris makes it a chameleon you wouldn't want to miss. VERY tiny quantities. 
Where: Roussillon, France
When: 2022
What:  60% Grenache Noir, 20% Grenache Gris and 20% Macabeu
How: Friday afternoon, outside in the shade. A wine to complement excellent conversation. Or a good old gossip. 

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