We're going META

That's internet speak for the virtual world…we think
But what does it mean!?
We're making a few changes around here, but first a story;
Ok. Wines was founded on the Gold Coast and launched in February of 2020 with a curated collection of fine and fun wines from Australia and around the world. The idea behind it was to supply wine to a demographic of people that wanted to explore the world of wine but were either a little intimidated by wine shops or maybe a bit time poor and couldn't make it in to a shop to browse a selection of wines. The service was simple, order your wine and it will turn up in a box a few days later. This has largely remained the same and always will.
Over the past two years our service has grown and we have faced many challenges and tried many things in the way of events, express deliveries, collaborations with other businesses and even a second delivery location in Hobart, Tasmania. All of these things have been an enjoyable journey and we have learned many lessons along the way.
Recently we've been reflecting on how we operate, how we'd like to grow and how we want to achieve the all important work life balance and this is the reason for us inhabiting your inbox today.
As we navigate into a post COVID-19/lockdowney world, we have decided to take a step back and run a business model that aligns closer to how we first started. Which for us means something slightly more sustainable, a single warehouse with everything consolidated under the one roof in Tweed and hopefully a little more downtime to enjoy a wine or two.
But what does it mean for you?
The main thing is, we will no longer be offering same day delivery. This is a system that we implemented during the first lockdown, it enabled us to help get our community some much needed wine and to also hire some of our friends in hospitality to deliver wine that were otherwise out of a job. With rising fuel costs, the time that this service takes and some other factors, it is no longer viable to offer this service.
We have decided to partner with a courier in order to keep doing what we do best (curate really good wine) and the courier service will do what they do best (deliver it to you).
This does mean that we are going to have to start charging for shipping but as with everything we do, our shipping pricing structure is simple, straightforward and slightly different:
Buy 1 bottle of wine = $12 shipping
Buy 2 bottles of wine = $6 shipping
Buy 3 or more bottles of wine = Free shipping
There, that's it. Pretty easy to work out and not too hard on the ol pocket!
You'll find our new delivery time table, here.
The other thing.
You will notice if you have a look on the website that our pricing has changed. Wines are now cheaper
With the move to being completely online we're able to adjust to slightly more competitive pricing (yay!) and the discount for 10% off 6 or more bottles will also remain the same with no shipping fees. 
We are still the same people that love what we do and enjoy curating what we think is the best wine on the market and we look forward to continuing on this journey with you.
Lot's of love,
Keegan & Steave

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